daniel radcliffe’s nude images and video caught on Equus play

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Saw this at OMG blog!
I was definitely shocked! But hey, out of curiosity, just wanna find out what the wizard has been hiding under those wizardly outfits!

Check to see the video, and the images:

Vodpod videos no longer available.


So what can you say?


27 thoughts on “daniel radcliffe’s nude images and video caught on Equus play

  1. Chee Estee Chavon No tiene El fisico para hacer una obraa aasii Xd

    IguuaL amoo La serie de Harry Potter ( I lovee )

  2. OK, boys and girls… for those of you familiar with the penis you may realize that what you see is not often what you get. I’m hung, but were I on stage with a breeze it might just shrivel up to a cute little hazelnut. Has it escaped everyone also that these are some major balls? Bottom line: It takes balls to jump on stage and do this. I applaud him.

  3. wtf r u guys talking about? hes not even hard(or anywhere near turned on), chances r u people havent seen an actual dick except for porn stars which we all know..those can be huge O_O

    1. I agree Houston,His cock is NORMAL not fluffed up for photo a shoot, he’s a well endowed guy with plenty of ball’s to do that show! Show some respect the rest of you small minded biggots

  4. Well all im saying is that You see his Dick….and say its small but..think of it this way..First off its a Distance Picture, Second Its Blurry and Third he’s not hard you fucking Morrons…the average dick is 2-4 inches soft and then 6-8 inches hard …just for your information…

  5. Well now. That is the funniest fucking thing I have ever seen. That’s why the dude at the wand shop gave him a long wand, to compensate for Harry’s embarassment. ROFL COPTER GOES SOI SOI SOI

  6. Hello, I am for once agreeing with someone, it does indeed take a lot of balls to jump on stage in front of anyone let alone a whole broadway thr. It is uncomprehensable that some of you are so close minded with un-tasteful actue brians that you olny dicuss the size of his penis. i simply have three suggestions…..
    !. if your not going to fuck him who cares
    2. if your not going to fuck him who cares
    3. if your not going to fuck him who cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
    Jesus, for the guys who notice the dick you sould reconsider your sexuality. It is one thing to notice the competiton but to go as far asn takign the time to wirte and henceforth posting it as well thats a little much. And ladies please if your not into your not into it leave it at that. I for one do not judge the size beacause if you hit the g- spot, ya hit the g-spot and being bigger dosen’t help that just the reality of it ladies and gentlemen.
    For me it is a very nice picture and veiw dispite not being a huge fan of harry potter.

  7. He seems to have a perfectly normal dick, which when erected, good be of very good size indeed. Coming from a culture where a bunch of guys having a good night could certainly involve a chance seeing them naked (we love the sauna) Daniel has nothing to be ashamed of.

  8. welp . nice pictures . he has got some balls to be up there . andd he has a normal sized penis so all the girls whom have never seen one im guess from all the immature remarks need to figure out what they are say before posting something and looking dumb .

  9. Normal size. When casting a play, it is wise not to use an actor or actress who has an unusually sized penis or breasts if they have to do nude scenes. Otherwise, it completely distracts from the acting and the plot.

    Kudos to sexyone for intelligence. The erection is what levels things out.

  10. His penis is perfectly fine. I don’t see the problem. He’s quite literally got the balls to go up in front of hundreds of people, nude, and act. I’d like to see one of you people who are laughing at him even try that. I bet he’s bigger than you, anyways. He is a beautiful man and looks even more beautiful nude.

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